GNSS RTK HiTarget V60

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Rp 150.000.000
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Sejak: 25-03-2022

Rp 150.000.000
Rp 98.000.000
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The V60 is a more compact-design and higher-performance GNSS RTK system, besides its rugged design to resist impact and vibration. The V60 has industrial OLED display screen on its front control panel to show all information and status of the work.

Detail advantage functions
1 Smart Operation:
1) Visual LED screen and voice assistance guide your field operation quickly
2) Multi one-button operations. Auto base setup by one button without controller
3) Standard Rinex data and HI-TARGET raw data recorded at the same time
4) Quick upgrade by USB
2 Multi-constellation Tracking:
1) 220 tracking channels
3)  NGS approved GNSS antenna
3 Optional Transceiver UHF Radio:
1) The transceiver UHF radio enables the working mode to be switchable between base and rover
2) 2-watt HI-TARGET internal UHF radio and 1-watt Satel internal UHF radio are optional.Satel internal UHF radio is compatible with other radios.
4 Seamlessly Operation in CORS System:
1) Built-in cellular makes V60 work perfectly with network RTK positioning
5 Powerful Battery:
1) Powered by high-capacity (5000mAh) Li-ion battery to insure whole day operation
6 Rugged Design, IP67:
1) IP67 dust/water protection
2) Withstands 3-meter natural fall onto concrete


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