Brunton 5010

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Model 5010

Designed for professionals by professionals, the GEO Pocket Transit is the latest addition to our industry-standard line of pocket transits, legendary for accuracy, durability and simplicity.

New features include an adjustable needle locking mechanism, a hinge inclinometer, two long-level bubbles, a cover hinge assembly designed for increased durability and 'Buck Horn' style sights for increased accuracy.

Features of all GEO Pocket Transits include:       9.2 x 7.14 x 3.33 cm

Adjustable needle locking mechanism with two positions: Unlocked - releases the needle for azimuth readings. Locked - momentary release of the needle for strike measurements by pressing and holding the release mechanism, then lock the needle for reading by releasing the mechanism.

Hinge clinometer with 2° increments for 1° readable dip measurements

Two long-level bubbles on the outside of the aluminium housing for no guess levelling from the sides or bottom

Cover hinge assembly designed for increased durability

'Buck Horn' style sight for increased accuracy when sighting azimuth or vertical angles

Single NdFeB magnet resists demagnetisation better than other types of magnets.

·         Azimuth accuracy + 1/2° with 1° graduations and 10 minute readability

·         Vertical angle accuracy to + 1/2° with 1° graduations and 10 minute readability

·         Vertical angle measurements to + 90° or 100% grade

·         Percent grade scale with increments of 5%·         Induction dampened needle for quick, accurate readings

·         Sapphire jewel bearing allows for smooth needle    movement

·         Magnetic declination adjustment allows for east or west     declination settings to 180° Precision aligned mirror with     convenient 'see-through' sighting capability

6061-T6 hard anodised aluminium body for permanent colour and scratch resistance. Waterproof , Leather case   Lifetime warranty




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