Next-generation Total Station Topcon GTL1200


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Kode Produk: GTL1200

Stok: 1

Berat: 45 Kg

Sejak: 28-03-2022

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Efficient layout and scanning with a single instrument

The GTL-1200 combines the power of a robotic total station with a best-in-class laser scanner to perform digital layout and capture high-res 3D scans in a single setup. Simplify the scanning process and dramatically reduce the need for post-processing by capturing scan data on survey control. The workflow seamlessly integrates with ClearEdge3D software for advanced construction QA workflows and as-builts.

  • Fast layout and scanning using a single instrument
  • Instant point cloud registration
  • Full dome scan and images in seconds
  • Tailored scan density to minimize software processing time
  • Point clouds accurately matched to BIM model coordinates

Capture reality

Capture point clouds “on coordinates” for meaningful data that is ready onsite.

UltraTrac™ prism tracking

Experience prism lock productivity, even in challenging environments.

Bluetooth® communication

Communicate reliably between the instrument and controller, even over long distances.


Lay out or directly measure to any point or feature with laser pointer guidance.

Ultrasonic motors

Engage high-speed, precise instrument motors for intelligent control of the robotic total station.

Hybrid Positioningᵀᴹ

Integrate GNSS technology to accurately measure points - even when line of sight is not possible - reducing unnecessary setups.


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