DJI Matrice 210 V2 RTK Profesional Quadcopter


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Kode Produk: DJI Matrice 210 V2 RTK

Stok: Stok Tersedia

Berat: 50 Kg

Sejak: 23-08-2023

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What's In The Box
*-Matrice 210 V2 Professional Quadcopter
*-Cendence S Remote Controller for Matrice 200 Series V2
*-2 x Landing Gear
*-CrystalSky 7.85" Monitor
*-WCH2 Charging Hub
*-2 x LiPo Battery Pack for DJI crystal Sky
*-Battery Charger
*-IN2CH Charging Hub
*-4 x Pair of Propellers
*-Power Cable
*-USB Type-A Cable
*-Mobile Device Holder
*-Carrying Case
*-3 x Gimbal Damper
*-USB Extension Cable
*-Remote Controller Strap
*-64GB microSD Card
*-6 x Rear Port Cover Screw
*-Screwdriver Set
*-Pair of Cendence Control Stick Covers
*-Cendence Control Stick Cover Mounting Key
*-Spare Waterproof Rear Port Cover

Highlights :
Designed for Industrial Applications
Up to 33 Minutes of Flight Time
Built-In RTK Mapping Modules
Onboard SDK Compatibility
Powers Onboard Devices
5-Mile Flight Range
Compatible with Zenmuse Gimbal Cameras
AES-256 Wireless Data Encryption
Top & Bottom Anti-Collision Beacons

Features :
The Matrice 210 RTK V2 Pro Quadcopter with GNSS Mobile Station & Battery Kit features a Matrice 210 RTK V2 Drone, D-RTK 2 High-Precision GNSS Mobile Station, and two TB55 Intelligent Flight Batteries. This entire kit is designed for accuracy and coverage. With a GNSS mobile station and two more batteries, your Matrice can stay out longer and map the surroundings, covering larger locations for extremely accurate results.

With up to 33 minutes of flight time and a range of up to five miles, it can be implemented in a variety of industries and professions. Inspecting infrastructure and getting a clear view of emergencies are just a couple of the jobs the Matrice 210 RTK V2 can perform. When on site, the Matrice can experience harsh environmental challenges, which is why the Matrice 210 RTK was given a rugged build, IP43-rated water and dust protection, and a battery heating system to extend flight time in extreme temperatures.

The Matrice 210 RTK drone platform is meant to be customized to your specific needs. It can power onboard devices and is compatible with a host of Zenmuse gimbal cameras (not included), which can provide everything from hi-res photos and video to thermal imaging. The Matrice 210 RTK V2 can accommodate multiple gimbal configurations. You can place two downward gimbals or a single upward gimbal camera.


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