Magnetic Susceptibility Meter KT20

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KT-20 Magnetic Susceptibility Meter c/w Sensor






The KT‐20 is a handheld instrument capable of measuring the magnetic susceptibility, Conductivity, chargeability, resistivity and density of a sample.   Its modular design provides users the ability to employ different sensors of optimal frequencies for either magnetic susceptibility or conductivity measurements.

The sensors are available in circular and rectangular designs and can easily be interchanged allowing the KT‐20 to measure smaller or larger sized samples or

The KT‐20 also has an IP/resistivity sensor to measure the chargeability and resistivity of a sample.  

Additionally,density measurements are available as an option, providing

more information about the sample.   A picture, audio note,text note and GPS coordinates can be added to the measurements to increase the amount of information one can attach to each record.

Technical Specifications

Memory                                                 : 4 GB: 4,000 Total Records Stored.
Control                                                  : 5-Button Control with LED Illumination.
Data Input/Output                                  : USB and Bluetooth.
Power Supply                                        : 2 x Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries.
Operating Frequnecy                             : 1kHz and 10KHz Dual Frequncy Sensor.
                                                                 or 10kHz and 100KHz Dual Frequncy Sensor.
                                                                 Single frequncy sensors are also available.
Operating Temperature                          : -20°C to 60 °C.
Sensors                                                  : Rectangular, Circular or large 32cm coil.
Transreflective Colour Display Dimensions                  : 76 x 47 mm
Transreflective Colour Display Resolution                    : 400 x 240 pixels
Circular Sensor Dimensions                                         : 6.6cm
Rectangular Sensor Dimensions                                  : 6.6 (L) x 3.2 (W) cm
3F-32 Ground Sensor Dimensions                               : 32cm
Rating                                                      : IP65
Internal GPS Accuracy                            : 2.0m
Internal GPS Receiver Satellite Accessibility                : SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS).
Built-in Camera                                        : 2 Mega Pixels.
GeoView PC Software                             : Supports all Windows 32 or 64 bit operating systems.
GeoVision App                                         : Android operating system (OS) must be version 2.3.3    or higher.



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